In a nutshell, Multi-Vendor Marketplace software makes it possible to build and manage e-commerce sites. It’s a platform that hosts third-party vendors who provide products and services. Customers buy the desired products on the marketplace platform and the owner of the marketplace gets a commission from every sale the vendors make. Thus, Multi-vendor marketplaces provide a two-way benefit to owners (the website hosts) and sellers (3rd party vendors on the platform).

Must have features in a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Software

Today’s article will talk about the best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Softwares in 2022. The article will discuss features and pricing of each product. The order of the article is decided on the basis of the number of reviews given to each product. Let’s dive right in!

1. Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart is a fully customizable multi-vendor marketplace software suitable for startups and large enterprises. It enables the growth of your business by accelerating the eCommerce potential through scalability. The robust eCommerce features provided by Yo!Kart lets you focus on your business goals and market objectives.

The multi-vendor platform also comes with ready-made native apps for buyers and sellers. These mobile apps not only help improve revenues but also enhance user engagement and their shopping experience with many advantages.

Top Features of Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart Overview

GoQuick Package: $1299, Currently at $999 (special offer)

GoCustom Package: $6999 (Fully custom design)

Yo!Kart Video Support –

Visit Yo!Kart Homepage

2.WCFM Marketplace – Create a Marketplace with WooCommerce the way YOU want.

WCFM Marketplace Homepage

About WCFM Marketplace

Create your own marketplace today using WCFM Marketplace (WC Multi Vendor Marketplace), the most complete marketplace solution out there. It is a “One for all and all for one” marketplace solution. Product selling, rentals, services all are supported.

WCFM Marketplace Features

WCFM Marketplace Pricing

WCFM Marketplace Video Support –

3. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace – We Create Innovative Tools to Empower Small Businesses Around the World.

Wedevs Homepage

About Dokan Marketplace

Dokan Marketplace is best for anyone who wants to create an online multi vendor marketplace without much hassle. Dokan is a Multi-vendor plugin for WordPress that allows vendors to easily customize the store and deal with many issues through one interface.

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Features

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Overview

wedevs Video Support –

4. YoGrowcer

Growcer is a fully licensed, self-hosted grocery eCommerce platform that caters to grocery business demands. It a ready-made software that comes with top-notch features & functionalities, customization, mobile apps, scalability, onboarding, and after-sales assistance, etc.

To propel your online grocery business in all directions, the solution is pre-integrated with more than 15 APIs that make your marketplace- a comprehensive digital platform for ordering, selling, and delivering products.

You can even expand or target different niches from Growcer, such as pharmacy delivery, liquor, and wine delivery, vegetables & fruits marketplace, etc.

Growcer Features & Services:

Product Catalogue System

Growcer Overview


5. My Marketplace Builder – You Make Money When Buyers & Sellers Connect.

My Marketplace Builder Homepage

About My Marketplace Builder

My Marketplace Builder is best for entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking for the ability to launch quickly or those who are seeking a completely custom build. Their product is designed for businesses at all levels. The software is a marketplace builder software company offering out of the box marketplace software as well as creating fully customized marketplace sites.

My Marketplace Builder Features

My Marketplace Builder Pricing

My Marketplace Builder Video Support –

6. nabooki – Online booking systems for service providers, marketplaces and enterprise.

nabooki Homepage

About nabooki

Nabooki provides white-label marketplace solutions for todays on-demand and daily deal platforms. Nabooki’s unique technology enables platforms to create a fully transactional marketplace where consumers can search, book and pay. Nabooki removes traditional aggregators allowing the marketplace/platform to retain all of their digital assets while creating a seamless customer experience. Nabooki provides turn-key technology for today’s on-demand platforms enabling them to manage onboarding, inventory,

nabooki Features

nabooki Overview

nabooki Video Support –

7. Yelo by Jungleworks – We help build your business.

Yelo Homepage

About Yelo

The vendor provides Yelo as a SaaS-based online marketplace solution that helps entrepreneurs build a platform with unlimited transactions and listings. From marketing & promotions to delivery management, Yelo aims to be a one-stop solution that provides the end-to-end ordering experience. Yelo offers an ordering dashboard, ordering website for customers, native mobile (iOS and Android) for customers and seller dashboard.

Yelo Services

Yelo Overview

Jungleworks Video Support –

8. Vendasta – The only end-to-end commerce platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses.

Vendasta Homepage

About Vendasta

Vendasta is a rebrandable, end-to-end platform for companies who sell digital solutions to SMBs. Publishers, agencies, broadcasters, financial institutions, telcos and other SMB-serving businesses are able to streamline their go-to market process, sell more products to more clients, and unlock recurring monthly revenue with Vendasta. The platform supports dozens of digital marketing and business productivity tools with marketing automation, a robust CRM and a client-facing portal.

Vendasta Marketplace Features

Vendasta Pricing

Vendasta Video Support –

9. VTEX – Grow your business with collaborative commerce.

VTEX Homepage

About VTEX

VTEX Commerce Cloud is the first and only global, fully integrated, end-to-end commerce platform with native marketplace and OMS capabilities. They help companies in retail, manufacturing, wholesale, groceries, consumer packaged goods and other verticals to sell more, operate more efficiently, scale seamlessly and deliver remarkable customer experiences. VTEX’s modern cloud, microservices-based and API-first architecture gives businesses extreme flexibility with no upgrades.

VTEX Features

VTEX Overview

VTEX Video Support –

10.  Canibuild – One Stop Solution for Construction Sales


Canibuild Homepage

About Canibuild

Canibuild simplifies the construction sales of almost 6-8 weeks by removing salesperson sketching on a grid paper (swimming pools, granny flats, House etc.), wait for a site survey to get site slope/levels/contours, send the above two to a draftsperson to do the sketch, refer to the basic rule book or dependent on salesperson knowledge to check if it can be built or not and finally, refer to an excel sheet for basic pricing. Canibuild can do all of the above in less than 60 seconds.

Canibuild Features

Canibuild Pricing

Canibuild Video Support –

11. CedCommerce

CedCommerce Homepage

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce is one of the best eCommerce solutions providers that expertises in delivering multi-channel enabling solutions to merchants. CedCommerce has a wide variety of solutions that primarily and seamlessly connect Marketplaces with eCommerce Platforms across the globe. Ecommerce Marketplace Solutions are available at the most affordable prices with a customizable range which means customers pay only for what they need.

CedCommerce assists you with

CedCommerce Overview

CedCommerce Video Support –

12. Marketplacer – Think beyond ECommerce.

Marketplacer Homepage

About Markeplacer

Marketplacer makes it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses to begin and scale their marketplace vision. It is a global platform which brings the capability to create all types of marketplaces including platforms for products, services, events, booking and digital downloads.

Marketplacer Features

Marketplacer Overview

Marketplacer Video Support –

13. Auction Software – Silent Auction, Penny Auction and Marketplace Software.

Auction Software Homepage

About Auction Software

Use WCFM to buy and sell tools which can be customized to Auction, Reverse Auction, Penny Auction and Silent Auction. They are suited for individual business entrepreneurs, family business, multi million corporations and government entities to deploy auction, buy, reverse, penny and silent online marketplaces. The software runs on cloud & dedicated servers and it also works well with payment gateways including Paypal,, Braintree payment, Balanced payment & Adaptive payments. 

Auction Software Features

Auction Software Overview

14. eCommerce Marketplace – Bring Your Inventory Online.

iLance Homepage

About eCommerce Marketplace

The ILance software can transform any website into a complete buy and sell marketplace with fully integrated shopping cart and member stores. eCommerce Marketplace is an SEO Optimized for web, customizable and multi languages supported. Multiple revenue streams built in to support memberships, commission fees and more. This software is a modern marketplace experience for customers for desktop and mobile shopping anywhere.

eCommerce Marketplace Features

eCommerce Marketplace Pricing

ILance Video Support –

Wrapping it up!

Giving our a lot of efforts and time, we have made the list of best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Software for the enhancement in business and to reach large customers.

All readymade marketplace are easy and ready to implement, but you actually want to love your work and own online web store. This software lets the owner/customer to focus on their sales and reviews easily. With the help of these softwares, you can effectively strategize and work in order to provide the best service for your customers, this will instill a sense of loyalty i.e. the backbone of brand building.

So, Without wasting your time, choose the best among them according to your needs and start your dream well !!

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